Happiness is in Rebellion!

Extraordinary man propels the society forward therefore it is my duty to break the law, it is the ordinary people who are obedient whatever it may be my parents, society as a whole or the country where I live or the religion my peers follow. I have no intention to go under a single yoke and spend my whole life protecting what’s not mine. 

All history is a struggle to break the old and build the new, every great hero to any prophet make new laws reform new ways of seeing the world.

There are only few people capable of doing or seeing the new things, having a new vision.

To free spirits 

Napoleon thought he is a great man who is above the law, and no doubt he was and even to shed the blood it was worth it for his sacred duty to conquer Europe

The queer expression on my face, the hardness like a heavy burden on my chest stops my breath. what is it? the resistance to conformity.

My stupefy companions oh your little miserable life, I laugh at your limited thinking, think for yourself for God’sake.

How to be happy

Hang your own will as your law. Do the Wrong when everybody is doing right. I guarantee  you will do a lot better.

challenge everything that the world find it self to be contented with.

I disobey everything I have been taught since I was a kid.

And I don’t care What you think of me because caring only makes you weak

Question everything and Worship nothing.

Straighten up your finger and screw the norms and traditions that bound our liberty and free thinking.

Breaking the old myths and creating new 

When we don’t conform to what feels obvious to other people is that we became victim of their hatred and jealousy. And for that very reason I just smoked a cigarette and exhale all the shit they are trying to put me in.

My “No” to everyone around me, sorry if I’m disappointing you but there is more to life than to be of what you want me to be.

Again quoting Thoreau,

“Old deeds for old people and new for new people.” 


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