What is history to the living? It is “Time” the worst enemy for the dead and friend for the living.ً

What is the role of history in modern man and living men of today? What is there to learn? What it teaches? Does history repeats itself? Do historical events have a purpose for the future of mankind? What it yields for those who have not yet embarked on the face of earth? What is history after all nothing but a stepping stone for the living to reach to the heights of human emancipation.

History prepares human being in the factory of unstoppable arrow of time as a product to be consumed in the future under the given circumstances of not his own making but of those who lived before him as his ancestors

Role of modern man is not to rely on Achievements of his elders but to make his higher self more elaborate and progressive as to learn what they had given him and create something bigger out of it for the good of upcoming

But what has gone wrong? I see men building temples for the dead? Praising and living in the past? Why? Does mankind has left nothing serious to do then to live in the past for those who are not yet living then what is man to himself? A mediocrity? A disease for the living.

He who is ignoring life and its potential at its best by thinking,ً writing, worshipping the dead people and by dead I mean all those values we store in our petty closest called culture,ً tradition and values.

Stories and fables we keep alive of the dead has no use to living? Now one may arose from his bewildered comforts of not living for the present age but for the long gone century which time has erased as being the best enemy and friend to the future of mankind

How long mankind are going to rely on the myths and philosophies of the past? How long our old gods are going to live? Why don’t they die? Why not we have new gods for the living? Why not mankind has new prophets for the living? Why man has to depend on the past and the dead who doesn’t care or who’s bones are rotten in graves and are dead. Those dead has their own history why we let those who have no fare share in the suffering of modern men to tell him what to do or what not to do?

I say how long the living will be turned into dead? How long man is going to wait? Who is going to wake him up from the slumber? Old gods died and let the dead bury the dead and let the dead marry the dead.

The time has come when men should learn from the history and let it not repeat itself as it has been going on for centuries resulting in endless wars and genocides of the innocents.ً The progress is calling mankind from the heights of mountains where man has not yet put on his foot on, he doesn’t know what hidden isles of treasures lies there for him. Mankind’s only salvation is science and technology, it is the idea of endless progress just as the constant expanding of the universe is in outer space after all man is a product of the universe in which he lives it’s not constant but in motion like every new day and night it keeps on moving.

Our heavenly bodies doesn’t look back but it keeps on looking what is ahead or is it not? Why would men live in past and worship the dead? Why not look for new things and new ideas which are not yet accomplished if history has reveal its half truths to us it is this that if the so called men in past centuries have not build themselves up for the future we wouldn’t be having this much progress but would still living in those same times with same means of production and living but “no” they trend on and keep on moving forward as the functioning of clocks do?

Try to make your clock run anti clockwise if it works for you then good and if not then you along with the whole mankind must hang your self on the ticking needle of the clock that will not forgive anyone for committing the worst crime of ignoring the stimulating 21st century in despair, crying out of sheer madness to the living as not to look in past but to welcome the modern man in making of new history but alas the living are still dreaming of historical events for generations and generations to come and to this day it has not yet got rid of those leaches of past.


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