Behold! My Ambitions are like Uranium. I am a living Nuclear Reactor


A nuclear reaction initiated in my body and soul long time ago resulting in rebirth of a new species through ideas with so many ambitions that even my own mind can not grasp or validate all it does is constant bombardment of new ideas every now and then which will destroy whatever old, feeble or mediocre idea world might put on my way. the reaction is going to bomb them with no mercy may it be God or Culture, Tradition or Norms. I’m going to degenerate everything into something different. The words are coming fiercely with mass destruction. Splitting the world and individual into two separate entities independent of each other back into the plato’s cave.


Darkness will hunt me down in that wasteful situation. No light shall come to liberate me. Whole universe will be blind and then with little effort those ideas of genius will enlighten the individual and his world and combined them together the subject and object into something ridiculous but serious as a new word “subobject”. There I will be liberated ready to set foot on earth with a fresh new start more stronger and intelligent, more affirmative, solitary, blood thirsty, revengeful and lovely.

Nuclear decay

All old values and beliefs will be decayed inside that gloomy cave. Nature will trained the individual with all its hard truths and exorcise all the demons full of lies and resentment instilled in me when I was born inflicted up on me by my upbringing and herd instinct will be turned into natural instinct. A vision of an inspiration which will walk audaciously onto the path of becoming an artist the most honorable and sacred transformation of a human being. A higher self consciousness through observation and study.


A transformation of modern man into something unknown to whole of humanity which arrow of time has prepared for the future like the terminator. I walk into the Academia and I will cast out all the devils whatever philosophy of mankind has to offer to make it better and contribute even a little speck in progression of solving the most amazing and soul enriching philosophical problems humanity encountered on itself through reasoning and mathematical logic. Hence a nuclear reactor has been activated with in me by all those whom I have read so far for mass destruction and reconstruction.

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