Police “Poem”

Police you come to us like a tyrant

Police you come to us with guns

Police you cannot silence words

Police not even God can stand poetry

Police not even lawyers can’t stand poetic justice

Police you cannot take our freedom

Police you come with shields and sirens

Police we come with our voices

Police you come armed we come unarmed

Police you killed an innocent soul

Police your are pharaohs

Police we are Moses

Police you have no morals

Police let me tell you this:

No law is above moral law

Police you have no conscience

Police your bullets don’t kill written words

Police your authority is abusive

Police your appearance is satanic

Police you are cowards

Police fight us if you can

Those who can’t produce art hate those who can

Police your attitude is unacceptable

Police your tone is inhuman

Police listen! language is what the world is

The world is totality of facts not things

Wrote Wittgenstein in the after maths of world war

It is a fact that Police your tyranny shall perish

Police no more lives would be taken

All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us

Sings Michael Jackson we haven’t forgotten

Police we haven’t forgotten bob Marley and Tupac either

We haven’t forgotten Malcolm X

Police change or face the change this time

Police you do you I do me

Words, words and students and Academics

Creative and critical minds are now your worst enemies

Forget the petty criminals

Voices and Echos are powerful than bullets

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