RainFall “Poem”

Some people feel the rain and some only get wet they say

Some are born again and some die again they never say

When rain falls my mind reaches Himalayas

When rains falls my lover appears out of no where

Thor is at work when rain falls

Some dance in rain

Some sing in rain

Some write in rain

Some hides in rain

Some fly in rain

Some comes to life like the nightingale

Some showers like the tree near my door

Some shines like the road in front of my home

Some sparkles like the street lights

Some grows like the grass in my yard

Some echoes like the insects under my roof

Some smokes hookah and write poetry

Some stay inside and watch a movie

Some stay in bed and contemplate sleep

Some are working

Some are praying

Some are eating

Some are talking

Some are thinking

When rain falls man falls too

When rain stops man rise again

The day I will see my lover

Rain will fall in my hearts little abode

There will be a new spring again

When rain falls my lover

you come to my mind like dark clouds on sky

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