Marx “Poem”

Marx I read you and understood you

Marx the young Hegelian

Marx I am not a Marxist

Marx still I adore you the most

Marx your books are masterpieces

Marx your efforts for workers are priceless

Marx your the true hero

Marx alone took pain of laborers

Marx alone fight for the oppressed

Marx your legacy will live long

Marx knows principle of economics comes first

Marx knows evils of capitalism

Marx knows everything

Marx I read you now and then

Marx the best critique

Marx the best economist

Marx true Hegelian

Marx my friend

Marx my teacher

Point is to understand

Marx not to follow communism

Like Camu I don’t agree with communists of today

It has done the worst

From Stalin to Kim

State terrorism and propaganda

Socialism is solution I still agree

But a new vision for utopia

Utopia was dystopia

Orwell to Huxley I read too

Contradictions to contradictions

Marx to Marxist is mediocrity

Marx to me is a genius

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