Mashaal Khan “Poem”

Martyr of freedom of speech is Mashaal khan

His body was dragged and I heard his cries in my dreams

His soul was still strong

One against many is cowardice

Reforms in Blasphemy laws calls for my blood too

Unjust and inhuman constitution of Pakistan

Worth not even a dime

When an innocent soul died on hands of crazy mob

Whole Universe cries in pain

Whole of humanity is mocked

Death of Mahaal khan is my death too

All Mullah’s are but a disgrace to humanity

Put me in jail and hang me to death

Million mashaal khans will be born again

Enough with this slaughter of geniuses

Long live Mashaal khan

Long live all humanists

Death to all religious extremists

I am a blasphemer too they will say

Like they accused Iqbal a kafir (non-believer)

My faith is much more deeper than any lay Muslim

I rebelled against all those murderes

all those madrassas

Where nothing but leaches are trained

Their rigid mindset and Long beards are disgrace to my existence

Let the blood of Mashaal khan be counted

Let the constitution be torn into pieces

Let the reforms be made

Let the blood be shed like tears

Let reason win and falsehood perish

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