A night with Gabe “Poem”

The sound frogs made I can’t put in words

We are sitting in our church smoking and waiting

Waiting for some inspiration

Waiting for another prophet to come

I am laughing I don’t know why

I can’t just stop laughing

Gabe whispers shhhhhhh I am looking at him and laughing like laughing gas

The frogs are saying something

Meemaaaaweenme meeeeenabwnwjshhs

My tongue is slippery it’s slippery like fungus on a ground

Foucault experiences what I’m experiencing

Hallucinations or a flight away from reality

O god of Abraham your a mad god

Sunny is going to Colorado I am going to miss my true brother like my blood

Where m I?

Gabe I shouted

Like dollars our name will spread like Virus Gabe

I’m feeling the wings of Gabrieal

I’m recording and putting in words

My flight from earth to mars

Mad god of Abraham I still love your madness?

I don’t know what you want from me?

I’m the next big thing in literary world

Novel prize in literature is mine before I win

Death I experienced before being dead

I’m again laughing and waiting

Mad god of Abraham send some more madness please

Send my Jordanian dream girl

I’m thinking about her beauty and white legs

She still have my ring and my heart

Sunny beat me to death Last night and he wanted me to take my ring back my love no it’s impossible she is mine

Life is a joke Gabe life is joke

Gabe told me to stop writing

He wants me wait but wait for what?

Now Gabe stares laughing and I too

We don’t know why but we are laughing

We wanna kill someone

Gabe just said he wants to kick me

HHahahaha bro stop I can’t stop laughing

I need my Jordanian girl please

I’m dancing and writing

Have anyone done that before?

Dance and write poetry

I am innovative see the world

I’m product of bargains mad god

See my madness in words too

You should listen to the frogs

They sound funny and philosophical

I’m again laughing to death

😂 hahaha 😂 trust mr I can’t stop laughing

I am away from reality now

All is maya like Nietzsches hard truth

I’m listening to music and writing poetry

I’m a poet and literary sensation

I’m Nobel laureate

I am laughing 😂

And waiting

Laughing and waiting g

Like frogs in pond

Like wind in deserts

Like my Jordanian girl waits for me

I love you so much

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