Godless World “Poem”

Don’t tell me God exists please?

I don’t believe in uncertainty

Uncertainty of uncertainty is God man preached in ignorance

How can it be possible?

Why do I suffer so much and deserve so less?

How can a man sleep on streets

How can human history be of so much violence

If there is a god didn’t he see he is not fit to rule

Even if he exists his outmost powers must be snatched like you snatch knife from kid

Look at world war 1 and 2 and Nazis and Stalin’s and Syria and Much more

I have seen dead people in my sleep

I have seen homeless begging for food

Where is your god when I need him the most?

Philosophy keeps me moving not god

Why should I say he exists or waste my thoughts on him

Every soul I see is in deep melancholy

What sort of god your preaching?

Don’t preach god to me please

Keep it yourself I have work in the morning

I feel like a Hebrew slave

I am not waiting for any prophet to rescue me

I must act and take my freedom by sheeer force

Therefore, I have lived in a godless world all my life

It is a godless world believe me or not

Let me witness a miracle please

Tell your god to show some sign yet he failed

He failed when I saw man dying of hunger on streets in Nebraska streets

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