Armenia-Azerbaijan War Hysteria “Poem”

A War Hysteria occupies Armenian and Azerbaijan soil

The specter of identities, ideologies, religions, nationalities, territories and politics

Clashes on disputed territories which Belongs to none but to all

It is the common man that suffers in War not those in Power

It is the poor, working men and women that suffers in war not the rich

The rich want wars to make profits like all warfare’s in history of world

Armenian soil produced greatest thinkers

Azerbaijan has its rich history back to Noah’s Ark

Both nations have their prides, culture and shared traditions

These war mongers wants us to fight each other

Those in power don’t want peace but chaos

People of Armenia are strong and creative

People of Azerbaijan are strong and creative

Say no to War! We are not thirsty for blood

Say no to war! who preach hate speech

Say no to war! who holds guns and weapons

For the evil regimes always comes from military machines

A military is like a chastised man not allowed to practice his arms

But when he seizes a Chance the brutal Gehengiz khan is unleashed

How can existence of a military be for peaceful purpose?

Abolish jingoistic madness and military force as a sign of integrity of a nation

No war for Armenia and Azerbaijan O humanity cries

Turks are known for their conquests

It is no longer 14th century for their wild ambitions

Turkey mind your own business for God sake

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