American ways “Poem”

You have your way I have the American ways

When there seems to be no ways

American ways come fourth to rescue you O child

Every breath, sweat, tears, smile and dreams

Every soul worn out of other ways found American ways

Look America is the name of freedom

Look America is the road to freedom

What is America? Ask not O child

A land for all and no one at the same time

Americans have their ways so shocking

They are new people unlike the old people in old world

New ideas took birth on the American soil

World imitates the American ways

From jazz to rap and to hip hop to theater

From school to universities to libraries

Autodidacts exist on every road following the American ways

Homeless more clever than those in homes

American ways are ways of innovators

American ways are ways of dreamers

American ways are ways of progress

Americans despair not but grab a beer

Have you ever seen an American?

I dare say they don’t exist

They don’t even know they are Americans

Until the world labels them as Americans

Such are the American ways O child

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