Hurricane Coming “Poem”

The headline says A Hurricanes coming to Florida, a tropical storm Eta. Oh! what wrath and pity but Who cares? God forbid

What about the Hurricane within my body and soul? A disastrous monster have taken shelter beneath my skin

That Monster more precisely a Godzilla have the power to devour the world into himself as he knows the world exists because of his will and idea

“The world is my Idea” says another monster named as Schopenhauer

It is not hurricane outside our being that bothers us but it is that one caged hurricane hidden in our will to power which says

“Human all too Human”

Where is the Monster who says “I am no man but A dynamite” the incredible Nietzsche

Who is going to stop the hurricane of reason, philosophy and the rise of overman, the Superman, the Ü·ber·mensch?

Where are the headlines? No where and no warnings, no prophesies because Mankind is awakening from slumber

Awake and rise From falsehood and darkness like light from stars, sun and the moon

outspoken the biggest monster of all “the principle of sufficient reason”

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