A Poetic Mood “Poem”

I am sketching a picture from my memory in the Remembrance of days past

What nights were those when all that exists in heavens and on earth was in perfect harmony except my heart

My heart was not at ease, a rage, haste, a rainbow, of all youthful bliss at once shaken by a strange rhythm

For God knows only how draughtful lips of lovers are in midst of rain and flood

Even the words of a poet lacks the intensity he have in imagination

Reality to a bibliophile is a detached thought like the dead coming to life, a barren land turned into a garden

Like Jesus a poet brings to life what is dead and rotten “Rise Lazarus come out” and the words started pouring out

All that life is not is in the written word, all that is not practical is in the living

She whispered, “Awake, arise or be forever fallen?”

Like the rising sun, the poet in me came to life and shines like a moon in the drowsy nights

What to say of time when it slows down in presence of a women? Time ceases at once

What else poetry would be if not inspired by nature alone but a feminine love?

In such dexterity I wrote another poem tonight in a poetic mood

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