On birth “Aphorisms”

And I was born and yet unborn still

The temptation to exist is the most delicate pressing issue of the soul

Did Adam have the slightest doubt why God must not ask for his consent before his birth?

When that child was born, how innocent he must be?

birth promises what death forgets.

Is it wise to wish what one doesn’t know?

So there once was a child born and why was he born at all?

Happy is the man not yet born and happy still who is yet to come

The French says the fact of mere birth means a right to liberty, happiness and equality

Are all men are born brothers?

And there was nothing before the beginning and there will be nothing after the end except God

And there was once a child who was born without knowing that he was born?

The event of birth says the philosopher is impossible to decipher

Only the child knows what it is like being born

I was born and reborn and born again to be reborn again and again

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