Marxist Analysis of Labor Power “Notes from Das Capital”

“Half a days labor is requisite for the daily production of labor power” excerpt from das capital

The value of labor power wrote Marx is what the laborer and the owner of that labor power exchange in the form of paid wages

If the labor of a man is sold for 15 dollars an hour that means the physical and mental capacity of laborer is bought for specific time period by the buyer

The laborer must repeat selling of his labor power in return for his perpetual subsistence to keep on selling it till his death

Meanwhile the capitalist treats the labor power bought as a mere commodity to be utilized and exchanged by fresh labor power later on

One question here remained unanswered by Marx is the following

What the laborer truly gained by converting his labor power into paid wages?

where the mere act of selling labor power is advanced to the capitalist as per contract?

And how else can a man sustain his body and soul if not by selling his labor in market as a exchange value in return for the subsistence for its survival?

Man is at once thrown into the world fashioned after the bourgeoisie image of commodities and it’s consumption and profiteering and exploitation

There is no escape! “all labor is paid after it has ceased.” Everywhere the laborer is a creditor to the capitalist

the laborer cannot free himself from the possessor of his labor power except by inward rebellion, silence and cunning

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