The Romantic soul “Notes on Sorrows”

Glimpses of the girl locked in my heart
There was this girl all young and beautiful
There was this girl I saw for the first time and the last
There was this girl that changed everything
Who is this girl?

Where she come from?
My heart flutters out of my chest and my spirit dances in ecstasy

And there was this girl I worshiped more than God
And all powerful almighty God must testify to this on the day of judgement
And the girl was the goddess of youth
The girl whose one sight cures all illness
The girl whose touch brings life into the dead
The girl I must keep my distance from
Oh life bestows such cruelty on a poor little boy
Where must he go to forget you?
Is there a place that exists
Where I can no longer recall who I was and what I am
I am in search of such place where non exist but I
Run o child run away from her sight
Away and
Far away
Into the unknown perish and be resurrected

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