The howling Casino “Notes”

Gambling is not a skill but a mere chance to develop a skill set based on gut feelings

Nothing helps you but your hands on your head

Casinos make one to lose perception of time and place


A shamelessness

One only feels alive when one is tested against adversity

Learn to see losing one’s own hard-earned money đź’°”

“Money is a measure of value” wrote Marx

Just heard some howling

Hungry wolves looking for prey this time not by mere chance but luck there is a difference between given chance and opportunity

Always plan an exit strategy when losing

Always have a plan b and if plan b doesn’t work than a break even quickly

Gambling is not an addiction

It’s a habit


You count every second and every tick of the clock when down

Life is a bet

you cannot outsmart the slot machines

We gamble with time not money

Gambling is mere exhaustion of mental activity

Those who win exploits those who lose

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