A lover’s paradox “Diary of a Romantic”


when you are in love with someone, someone else falls in love with you?

What if you are pursuing a pretty young girl while another young girl is pursuing you?

Like the day falls for night and the night falls for day

What to do?

Where to go?

Save yourself O romantic soul

Love has burned hearts to ashes

If I love the girl falling in love and not love the one I am falling in love with?

 And If do not love the girl falling in love and love the one I am falling in love with

And if I love neither one of them and either of them don’t love me back then what?

This either/or loves paradox

No matter what the lover do in return he remained unloved, unwanted and all alone. .

Such troublesome emotions and


Such torments will forever befall on the young lover


Finding no way out the lover took flight

Leaving passions at no mercy

The lover isolates himself for a months to come

In solitude the lover becomes a philosopher

And the philosopher is still in love

All perplexed and hopeless falling in love again and again

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