A Seducers Notebook

A young girl has taken my heart away

She is too young this time younger than the new moon and so much full of life even death fears such liveliness and poetic energy

She burst out like a volcano so fiercely that all my romanticism exploded at once  

Life itself lost its charm except her unbelievable existence

She makes me vulnerable

I give her all my attention

My soul was not at peace still

Agitating by everyone around

I wish mountains and seas to take us far off into the unknown

Where I can look at her as long as to eternity

Say something o love


Is she going to come back?


I don’t even know her

I was too afraid to ask

She is probably sixteen

Extremely beautiful

Magical eyes

Rosy lips and bustling cheeks


Her simple smile takes my breath away


When I think about her after she is not longer present  

I have shortness of breath when she comes to my mind

I struggle to breathe while thinking about her

I gasped for air distracting my thoughts from her being

It takes physical and mental exhaustion just to forget about her

But she comes back in my mind as soon as I forget about her

She has taken all my hopes away and made a fool of myself


Why I can’t stop falling in love?

Why it has to be me? Of all men in the world?

Why I suffer, the lover, the artist not the work of art

Art is purely objective in ignorance

Oh love, how to express?

I have no words but emotions

Extraordinary sentiments


How irresistible my passions were about her sweet pink lips

I wanted to suck them in my mouth and choke her to pleasures


Why she is so  young and pretty?? What is youth?

I am young too but she is like the wind of April

The spring and scent of blossoming flowers


Her eyes like the pearls stretched wide and deep like the ocean


I drowned by looking into her eyes so refreshing and reinvigorating that the sun hides behind clouds


The moon too afraid to show up in her godlike presence

Who is she? Where she come from?

My heart flutters

All is in vain


Love is not a child’s play

This poetic aspirations are immoral but truthful to its Nobel cause Which I am unable to grasp for the time being?

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