Maxims and Axioms

What is done cannot be undone says the world but doesn’t an action has a reaction and a stimulus have a response in the same manner what is undone can be done again

What is life asks the child? The Old man replied, “Life at its best is but a dark comedy and after every shortcoming comes a serene laughter like with every death comes a new birth, like after every night comes a morning “

Man is the will to power and the will doesn’t have some transcendence meaning or a divine revelation instead the will is the each step a man take towards his home and work the human will move mountains and cross oceans and skies.

Have you ever seen rain falling? Have you ever seen the universe in tears? Isn’t the rain drops but outcries of fallen stars

Happy is the man well employed and un happy is the man self employed

2019 is gone but Covid 19 is still here is it not doubly a lie?

What should one live for? The world answers “Money” “wife” “kids” “status qou” “God” “Love” “neighbors” “sacrifice” “happiness” “music” now the innocent one is condemned to a world already defined, well prescribed by others

If I jump into a river I will be drowned and if I jump into life I will be devoured whether I jump into anything or not I am going to be thrown into one thing or another such is the fate of mortal men

Death is highly personal no one is allowed to share or trade it with anyone.

I know Jesus died for our sins but did mankind actually asks for such sacrifice?

“I am the best person besides God” says the average American every now and then

Are we free or not? The modern men still searches for the lost Utopia

I known an unexamined life is not worth living but is an examined life also worth living? Questions Socrates from his grave.

Plato says politicians should be philosophers now what will philosophers be if not politicians?