I am always on Fire like the Burning Solitary Star in the sky! Discovering The dying sun with in us.

I looked at the sky! In the midst of the gloomy darkness, their flickering lights went straight into my heart and enlightened me, It was my renaissance and I see myself as one of them, yet burning with all the turmoil and the phantoms of busy life fathoms a desire in my soul to find the meaning of existence.

I was like the solitary most luminous star in flames scattered in the vastness and vacuity of space, aware of my own insignificance therein the infinite cosmos.

I recall the breaths I take are meant to be stopped, the studies will end with degree, the fear of failing was gone, the insecurity of being alone disappears, the quest to found richness and wealth, and the aging and calling of finding a good livelihood in society all was lost on its vast meaningless distance, terrifying because of the inconceivable long vistas of time and all human history was questioned in an instant with twinkling of  an eye.  



About 4.6 billion years ago, two gigantic stars in flames, blisteringly collides with each other and one of them was our Sun. After splitting our planets formed out of its matter and revolved around it, Earth was the only part of this planetary system where life was given to us in a chaos.


So,  why the whole Universe up there cold and dark is hostile to life?


Then is this what all life amounts too? to stumble, almost by mistake into a world flourished with life.

Last night when the cold wind was bristling and making me to shiver under my coat. I went upstairs and looked at the night sky filled with glittering stars and sit besides the shining moonlit.

I have seen whole big bang in my mind’s eye, grasping the never-ending space and time.


That glimpse was all I needed and I howl like a wolf, which might have scared my neighbors in their slumbers.

Living life at its best for oneself, befriended with the everlasting melancholy.



There it was the milky way surrounding the earth, the vast space and our wonderful gigantic Universe among many.


How little we know of our universe yet we say we know everything about life. How little we value life? And satisfy our self in our comforts, the steady flow of trends, the children, marriage, all achievements suddenly starting making no sense. All that was these vast number star’s.




How one of our stars the sun formed itself by the collision with another star billions of years ago, the splitting makes these planets and life flourishes in one and only earth, how lonely is our planet in this whole wild cosmos, yet it never felt itself lonely it enjoys the company of other planets and its loyal friend moon, the sun and stars.


That was when I saw myself part of it, a star on fire, the fire of life.

I will burn myself alone like the star and yield the tiniest atom in me to bombard the electron’s to blast the nucleus. because the end of our live’s are no more different from the life of star’s up there.


The Dying Sun within Us!

Astronomers and the physicist claims that the sun will soon die because of energy it emits in the form of heat, and this heat and light is needed to sustain life.


Yet what they didn’t see is we all are the dying sun’s already, Universe itself is hostile to life and when death approaches as our vital heat is lost like the Sun is losing each day and all our aspirations doomed to final frustrations. So, When the sun will be frozen all our goals and most valuable things must perish with all human race, leaving the universe as we never existed.


How beautiful life is if we sleep like the savages under the open sky that way, we will value life more, while Sitting in the warmth of fire and busy in our cell-phones we need to go out and reflect on the nature of which we all are part of.

As Sir James jeans, a great astronomer and writer wrote in his book

” We must probe deep into the fundamental nature of things before we can expect to find answers to our questions”. 




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