Fear and Loathing in our every day lives! “The Existential Crisis.”

The sun rises again this morning when I was standing on the roof-top. It’s bright yellow light shone on my pale sunken cheeks and I understand what it wanted to say. “The absurdity of life”, Even the sun was tired of this tedious duty of retiring in noon and coming up at dawn.

The Universe is expanding every second among the billions of galaxies out there. whereas the sunlight only takes 3 minutes and 19 seconds to reach us on earth why can’t it vary? Its lethargy is obvious. That is why this time the Sun-light wants the Motto “Nothing is slower than light?  instead of “Nothing is faster than light” as Einstein said:

How much Absurd the idea is right? 

Here are some more absurd ideas I have been thinking! 

Earth keeps on spinning around the sun. I could hear its sheer outcry, the anguish of being alive among the dead planets asking for the meaning of its existence in this vast lifeless cosmos. 

How meaningless these repetitions makes life. We wake up every morning and do the same thing over and over again like the punishment of Sisyphus. we have been ordered by our own existence to endure such boring routine.


“Creation” or art is another way to express human experiences, wrote Albert Camus, in his Myth of Sisyphus (1942), a philosophical essay examining the meaning of life.

The gods saw no worse punishment for Sisyphus’ mischief than sentencing him to toil for no reason toward nothing, a metaphor for the human condition. Life is absurd and without meaning. In this “unintelligible and limited universe,” humans have an “irrational and… wild longing for clarity.” “If the world were clear, art would not exist.”



I want to do something different each day and the anxiety arose with the tiring routine of going to University then coming back home doing the same thing over and over again.

I’m not saying there should be a change either because it will make it worst for it is impossible for a man to do different things on each new day.

The dull lectures tear away all the passion in my soul while sitting in the class-room is like sitting in a horrible dungeon where only darkness prevails and the daily travels have got the best in me. Then the society expects me to find happiness in my life.



My Existential crisis!

This is absurd, ridiculous and this is where the existential crisis starts. Life just don’t make any sense here I’m waiting for the degree to be finished so that I may start a job to earn some good money than get married and have kids to move on in life as everybody else is doing.

I dare say! What is the purpose of living then? when you had to go through all this just to die? God is eternal “Yes” to follow the religion is the meaning of life?  Absurdity comes when you realize this that the truest doctrine which happens to be in your domain is just because your born in that particular environment sometimes doesn’t feel right.


what if I say I’m a rebel like the Satan in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and say “No” to everything the world says “Yes” just to live my life as I want without any dictation of others, make my own laws to hang my will over it.

Reading “Camus” too much these days could be the reason. Existentialist depression have been a problem for me since I was a kid. Never satisfied with the teachings of my peers for I was always in revolt.

This urge makes me curious to know more, finding my own meaning of life in this absurd, meaningless world. which sometimes makes me laugh as I grow up as is the famous quote by Victor Eremita.





Being an Existential doesn’t make you an outlier rather it is a gift and a blessing where one struggles to discover himself and the true purpose of life  🙂

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