My Idea of Paradise “Poem”

All is extravagant about heaven

All that have been said or wrote about paradise

Their paradise or Gods paradise is Extravagant

Keep it to yourself for Gods sake

I desire no virgins, no palaces or rich gardens and fine wines

They all bored me and no longer lured me

Your idea of paradise is lack of imagination

Their Idea of paradise is still a prison

My idea of paradise is this:

An island on earth filled with mortal animals

A warm sand near shores of sea

Bamboos and Palm trees and lots of coconuts

Birds singing and air breathing freedom

Freedom from all extravagant things

Then some books and pen and papers

A beautiful old tree must have a shade

Facing the nocturnal and serene view of endless oceans

That is where I should sit and read

That is where I should sing

That is where my art will be my only salvation

Sweet aroma of old book pages

A guitar and old country music with no vocals

That would be my Idea of Happiness

That would be my Idea of Paradise

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