Abnormal “Poem”

Abnormal individuals are the dangerous individuals

Foucault delivers lectures back in France

Abnormal vs normal individual is all history

Normality is imposed by power

Abnormality by sheer power of nature

Salvation Army is filled with abnormal humans

Yet failed to make them normal

Nebraska streets in Tampa is ruled by abnormals

Prisons around the world are filled with abnormals

Laws for the weak and no law for strong

Law is but law for the poor not the rich

Law is but state’s police and propaganda

Freedom is in abnormality

Abnormal I am so was Camus and Sartre

Whole post modernism was abnormal

Why do 21st century academia be normal?

No more challenges and not more questions raised?

Is world normal at all?

God is abnormal or normal?

My poetry is abnormal I don’t know about God

My friends are abnormal I know

We are far from being normal

Our ambitions are abnormal

Our goals are abnormal

Our nights and days are abnormal

Everything is abnormal

Existence is abnormal

Abnormal I am abnormal I must remain

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