Exiled “Poem”

Plato exiled poets long time ago from his republic

Where are the poets now? I search in vain

Poets are exiled from reality, friends and foe and from the world

Poets express what they feel and see only without doubts

I saw a young man searching for a utopia today

I saw a lover condemned to death

I saw Odysseus lost in foreign lands

I saw a young man alone on the heights of despair

I saw a beautiful young girl laughing

I saw a homeless begging for another drink

I saw a man preaching God not humanity

I saw workers laboring from morning to dawn

I saw birds singing and dancing

I saw a revolutionary cat domesticated without consent

I saw an old man eating Cuban sandwich hiding from his past

I saw men exiled from their loved ones

I saw the freed man from prisons eating Shabang in corner stores

I saw devil and the God playing in our hearts

I saw all and nothing then exiled myself from the world

In writing these words I exiled the modern men into a poem

Exiled all are modern men from their own lives

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