To Gaba “Poem”

During the orientation I first saw Gaba staring at white girls

There was something unique about Gaba that resembles to sound of a flute

He was somewhat desirous of being known and acknowledged by his contemporaries of his talents and capabilities

He soon emerged into all sorts of circles and make something of himself wherever he went in the University

In short, Gaba was an opportunist no different than Stalin

He would not care to sacrifice others for his own satanic motives and goals

Gaba reminds me of the typical characters in all great novels who upon a chance might take a fortune

His smile catches glimpses of a young student full of ambitions and high aspirations

I know deep down to my heart that he will make something of himself in future

Whatever he becomes is another question but those around him would not be spared of any harm or mistreatment

In the end such personalities are very rare and I admire him the most

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