Aristotle’s Metaphysics “A Troubled Reader”

Started from book Alpha Reached Nu 6

How can I discover metaphysical truth?

I am as much useless in understanding of the world as I was before finishing Aristotle’s metaphysics

What was the point of all that Labor and toil of reading late at nights and early in the mornings?

My mind is so weak that I couldn’t even digest Aristotle’s metaphysics

Should I smash my head with something?

I must re-read and read and read again until I grasp all that Aristotle have to say in it

Just like Hegel’s phenomenology of spirit, and just like Marx’ das Kapital I failed to understand even a single thing

Should I just kill myself for taking such tasks?

Whatever can be said has been said already and whatever I can write is written already

What is the use of my mind to read and reflect on the history of ideas

I am no better than those in Harvard or stand Ford

I shall say no more and read Aristotle metaphysics again

a megalomania, a curse it is to be a student of philosophy

I am and I will be nothing more than a modern pamphleteer on the internet

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