Notes On Suicide and Resignation “An Overwhelming Grief”

I took a walk this morning and realized in the act of walking, the uselessness of walking, thinking and living

I am wasting my life away under spell of words, pages after pages of books I read and that’s all I can do

In the process of reading one forgets oneself into mere lucidity of imaginations

I drink too much caffeine

Caffeine is not healthily for one’s body but productive for any work of art

When I think of death, I think of the time before my birth

I have killed myself thousand times in my short stories

The only consolation in death is the inability to think like a tombstone over a grave

First I resign from life later I bid farewell to all friends and family

I welcome sorrows and grief to take over me

I took refuge in literature, arts and philosophy

One must invent a new way of killing oneself

Less painful, less pleasurable and more enjoyable is death than life

To take revenge on life I seek to produce books after books

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